App-ily Ever After

Brides recently tweeted their top 16 wedding apps and it got me really intrigued. I had no idea there were so many on the market let alone enough to whittle them down to just 16! 

At first I approached the list with caution. I found myself  thinking ‘What’s wrong with a spreadsheet?’ or dare I say it a good old fashioned notebook to plan your big day, but after a proper look the top apps focus on different aspects of a wedding some of which will undoubtedly be really useful for the majority of brides and grooms to be.

Straight in at No 1 ‘Appy Couple’ was given a rave review as it helps couples look after their wedmin (wedding admin if you’re not used to the jargon!) and you can create your own wedding website where people can RSVP and access your gift list options. 

Brides can access lots of ideas for great hair through app No 3 ‘Wedding Hairstyles’ where they can try out different styles and No 14 L’Oreal ‘The Color Genius’ allows you to take a photo of an outfit and it suggests make up to match (albeit all from L’Oreal I presume!) but its sure to be good for bridesmaids or mothers of the bride.

Gone will be the days off cutting out bits of magazines and getting snippets of materials as No 9 ‘Skitch’ enables you to make notes on any photo you find online and then share it via social media. With No 5 Color Inspector which turns your iPhone into a colour detector so you can pin point the exact colours you like.

No 16 ranks an app to help give people ideas about wedding flowers. It lets the user create an album of images that they can then share with the florist and lets you know what flowers are in season and when.  

You can check out the full 16 on!photo5