Crazy In Love

With Valentine's Day fading in the memory as quickly as the left-over red roses in buckets on garage forecourts. I got to wondering just how many people actually received a marriage proposal on the day? 

As one of the most popular days to pop the question a survey carried out with women by Lambrini (I know it must have been very scientific!) found that it topped the poll for the perfect day to receive a proposal. In fact, the full definition of ‘perfect’ was that it should be after two years of dating and on a deserted beach – but not so deserted that it doesn't have a slightly sparkling perry dispense machine handy.

This year a couple got married live on air during ITV’s Daybreak in Las Vegas (possibly prompting Lorraine Kelly's announcement on 15th February that she was leaving the show).

What about the wackiest marriage proposals? It's just not enough for some people to get down on bended knee fumbling an Elizabeth Duke ring from your pocket.

Surprise, surprise Americians top the list for being the kings of wacky wedding proposals, but the lengths they go to in order to be different is unbelievable. From hacking into their partners favourite video game to create a whole new level in which they could propose through, declaring your intentions with a graffiti proposal and someone even got Tom Cruise to ask his girlfriend on his behalf. I suppose by now Tom has plenty of experience. Perhaps he'll get him to serve divorce papers in a coupe of years too.

How about you then? Were you the recipient of a weird or wacky proposal? If so then please do share it on my Facebook page 

I look forward to hearing from you.