A Mother's Love

What is a wedding photographer from Wales doing taking pictures of a mother and daughter in Stroud you may ask? Well, Charlie and four year old Amelie won a Valentine’s competition run by the town’s Merrywalks Centre (which I was asked to be a part of) and it got me thinking.

Valentine’s Day when I was younger was the day where you plucked up the courage to tell someone you fancied them and then go through the cringing wait to see if they liked you too. Or as I got older I knew my girlfriend's wrath if I dared forget to get her a card and gift. But this competition brought home to me that February the 14th should be a day where you tell people who you love that you care about them.

Love isn't just about a couple in love. A mother's love is ever giving, never judging and puts her child before her needs. To me that is something that we shouldn’t forget.

Hope you like a few of the pictures taken at the lovely Stratford Park.