The Little Wedding Helper - Kirsten Butler

Here in the first of a series of guest blogs The Little Wedding Helper Kirsten Butler gives some great advice on what really matters on the day and why indeed you should give her a call to help you focus on just that.

It can be tempting, when you’re planning your wedding, to obsess about all those minute details that individually might go unnoticed but together create a breathtaking setting for your big day. Along with that temptation comes pressure to see that everything is exactly as you envisioned it, to check that the venue have styled the reception to your instructions, that the tables have been set properly, that somebody has decorated the aisle and cake table. Even if you’re not tempted to manage all this yourself you may find yourself asking family and friends to focus on the decor rather than your wedding.

And this is where I have got to jump in. 

Because this day is about celebration, and enjoyment, and being with the people you love most. If you get caught up in trying to control every moment of the day you run the risk of losing track of what’s really important. You, your future spouse, and the people that have come to share the day with you.

And really, this is where the idea for The Little Wedding Helper came from, wanting to be that person who takes on the creative pressure, who makes sure that everything is as you want it. I love turning up on the day, toolkit in hand, ready to set tables, hang bunting, and tie together all the little touches that make the day so perfectly yours.

You might not be able to control everything on the day, but you can leave certain aspects in very capable hands. 

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