Wedding Essentials

If I didn’t love photography so much I would set myself up as a mobile cufflinks salesman moving from wedding venue to wedding venue. Why? I could make a fortune! Cufflinks are one of the most common thing people forget to bring to weddings, especially people from the wedding party itself. It’s one of those ‘If I had a pound for every time someone asked me if I had those’ moments. So if you’re getting married soon or you know someone who is, tell them to super-glue a pair of cufflinks to guys hip-flasks, because they won’t be forgetting that will they?!

Other essentials? I’d definitely recommend safety pins, useful for many things – pinning back dresses that are too big on the day or fastening buttonholes on to wedding suits, making an impromptu Liz Hurley dress or changing the vintage theme from ’57 to ’77 and going all punk.

If you’re involved in the organisation of the wedding and in particular, the Wedding Breakfast I have seen many people running about on the day of the ceremony trying to get spare name cards as someone is unable to make it at the last minute. So if this is you pack some spares and keep a list of all the guests names.You’ll never remember if it’s Tracey with an ‘e’ or just a ‘y’, or if it’s Claire with ‘aire’, ‘air’,  or just ‘are’. It may not seem like a big deal but you’ll want everyone on your side when you get up to make a speech and all of a sudden your jokes don’t look as funny as they did when they fell out of the Christmas cracker.

Tissues are also high up on my list of wedding must haves! People forget how emotional weddings are and when they are trying to remember everything before they leave the house they forget the basics like tissues, but me believe even if you don’t think you will cry its best to bring some just in case as running mascara or red noses don’t make nice photos!

The final thing on my list has to be plasters. Sorry guys this probably doesn’t apply to you unless you are particularly nervous for that Wedding Day shave. It’s more for the ladies who are wearing skyscraper heals all day and then plan on dancing until the early hours bring some plasters and treat your sore feet. Clairol foot spas are rarely available at weddings. I have checked. Trust me.