Car Reg Under Fire

As soon as I bought this plate I couldn't find my car anymore

As soon as I bought this plate I couldn't find my car anymore

Last year the DVLA raised a staggering £67 million from the sale of personalised number plates and since the scheme was launched in 1989 over £1.8 billion has been raised for the Treasury.

Even Wills and Kate were at it last year with their soft top Aston Martin DB6 Mark II Volante (a present from Grandma to Pa Pa for his 21st birthday) sporting the number JU5T WED. This was however just a bit of fun, the car did have it’s usual plate on the front and anyway the closest you can get to it on a legal plate is JU57 WED or JU52 WED apparently. The latter of which is currently available at a very reasonable £2083.80.

When I say reasonable, it’s all relative. The most expensive plate in existence in the UK today is 1 D which went for a staggering £352,000. It was bought in March 2009 by a London based businessman as a birthday present for his wife. Personally being expensively labeled as ‘one dimensional’ by your nearest and dearest wouldn’t go down too well but maybe superficiality is a badge of honour for some.

Apparently you can't buy class but I beg to differ. I’m off to the DVLA website to see if I can get one for my old jalopy…. Now what could I get? CAM 3RA, 5NAP 1T, no, no I’ve got it, 5AY CH33SE.