Photography Top Tips

  1. Choose a Photographer you feel comfortable with
  2. Try to allow some time for just the two of you
  3. If you can have a manageable number of group shots
  4. Make sure you see a full wedding example
  5. Make sure there are no hidden extra costs
  6. Make sure the photographer will be smartly dressed
  7. Do they have a good standard of equipment

  1. A photographer is going to be with you pretty much all day and at times very closeand sharing all of those special moments with you. When choosing a photographer give a large amount of consideration to whether you feel comfortable around them. Are they experienced and able to soak-up pressure of getting those special moments without stopping or dictating events.
  2. Try to savour the moment. The day will literally fly-by. I do so many weddings where I am told afterwards that they can’t wait to see the pictures because the day went by so fast and the memory of it is a blur. Use the photographer as an excuse to get away from it all for a few minutes and disappear to ‘get some shots done’ but then ask the photographer after these photographs to give you some time alone.
  3. It may sound like a selfish tip from a photographer but having a large amount of group shots can really eat into the time available to really enjoy yourself on the day. Try to allow at least five to ten minutes per group shot. Not because that’s how long it takes to get the shot. The real time is taken getting the guests together and if it’s a large shot a good photographer will take the time arranging it so that everyone can be seen.
  4. When looking for a photographer always choose a style you like. Make sure you see a full wedding from the photographer’s portfolio. Anyone can put a collection of shots together from many weddings and look amazing but to maintain the standard of photography throughout the day is not so easy, but essential. When meeting the photographer ask to view a recent wedding and if they have been to your venue in the past, ask to see that one too. Another thing to take into consideration is the time of year your getting married. This has a massive effect on the look of the wedding photographs as there may be less daylight available. Make sure they can cope with low-light situations.
  5. Please make sure the price you agree is the final price you will pay. Some photographers will quote a number of photographs you will get, say three hundred and then charge a large amount for you to have any you like over that number. Some other areas are more difficult to quote for. For example an album price, simply because the number of photos you want in it may effect the page number and hence the price. Always make sure the photographs you will receive are of a good size and quality and watermark free. Most photographers now are happy for you to copy the images and get your own prints. The copyright does legally reside with the photographer but it is your day.
  6. This may seem obvious but I have heard of some photographers turning-up to a wedding in scruffy jeans. If this isn’t your chosen look for the wedding it can stand-out and affect the way people react to the photographer and therefore the images they get. Beware also, of branded clothing. Some photographers can take a tax break on company clothing too far and look like a walking advertising hoarding.
  7. Make sure the photographer has a spare camera with them at all times. I always have one and a spare flashgun as well as a minimum of four different lenses, lots of batteries and memory cards. They don’t have to be the most expensive available, a great photographer with a cheaper camera is better than a bad one with the best, but they should be towards the top end of the market. The quality is better but more importantly so is the reliability.