Having Your (Fish) Fingers Burnt

Who could be more biased than a wedding photographer commenting on the results of a recent survey of one hundred brides? It’s like Captain Birdseye trying to remain impartial on Fish Fingers.

Perhaps in my defence the results do speak for themselves and leaving little room for bias, the respondents answers will tell their own story. For example 51 per cent of brides stated that the most important element of their wedding day was the dress.

Who wouldn’t want to look the best they possibly can when for one very special day. All eyes are on you and maybe wearing that perfect dress has been the stuff of dreams for many years. Men, with possibly the exception of George Melly (RIP) and Jonathan Ross wouldn’t lie awake at night thinking about the perfect suit.

From the results what is really surprising is that a growing number of brides (15 per cent) would spend potentially thousands on that dress, but are choosing to ask a family friend to take the pictures, who, depending on your lineage and social mobility isn’t going to be David Bailey or Lord Snowdon.

Whilst some people might do a great job, some inevitably will not? What if you argue about the photos and fall out? Could the photos mostly come to represent a lost friendship as well as the lost top of your heads?

It is a lot of pressure on a family member or friend, who is, at the end of the day just really looking forward to enjoying the day. An extreme example but one that most can empathise with is a friend of mine who had a video camera thrust upon her on the day of her sister-in law’s wedding and told she was to ‘do the video’. Having never held a video camera in her life she was rightly mortified that something that captures this one and only day lay in her hands and she didn’t know how to operate it.

Thankfully I’m not alone in my opinion, the survey highlighted that when brides were asked what one piece of advice they would give to a newly engaged couple the biggest response (over 25 per cent) was that they would advise spending more money on using a professional wedding photographer.

To avoid hiding your wedding album away with the Christmas decorations, go pro every time is my advice. It’s the one day you can’t recreate but do pick the right professional. You wouldn’t want Captain Birdseye doing your catering…… Hmm then again.