Bien Venue

With about 300,000 people getting married in the UK every year it’s no wonder some people try to break away from convention to try to make their wedding unique in some way.

When I sit down with couples before they get married it’s great to get a feel for what kind of photos they want and I always try to do something that will exceed their expectations.

With the largest chunk of the wedding budget going on the venue, couples often try to set their wedding apart by choosing quirky venues. There are so many to chose from in Wales, each offering something different be it an amazing beachside view, a vintage experience, castle backdrop I could go on and on.

Quirky venues do sometimes need a bit of thought before couples decided to take the plunge as often what comes with quirky are constraints in some way. For example, there is an amazing castle that offers the most beautiful wedding backdrop (think drawbridge, castle in the background, Rapunzel at the window – if you get my drift!) but it puts a limit on the amount of time you can spend there on your wedding day which includes just 40 minutes in the Castle itself afterward the ceremony for photos. You can probably hear my ‘AAAARGGGHHHH!’ of frustration ringing from the battlements. It’s easily do-able of course but how much nice would it be if everyone had enough time to just take in the atmosphere and reflect on the fact that they’ve just actually got married.

Also, as venues like these continue to keep themselves open to the public on wedding days couples should think carefully in they won’t mind tourists snapping away behind them whilst they are trying to get their group shots. What also comes with quirky venues (as often due to their nature) as they are small so this limits the amount of guests you can have. For some this is not a problem at all, but for others who as soon as they got engaged began to argue about whether the ten cousins from Lichtenstein should come to the day or not this will be an added headache.

Above all it’s a juggling act really, like most things and you have to weigh up whether your dream wedding needs to be quirky or just involve all the things and all the people you love.